Powder coating is a process where colored powder is applied electrostatically onto alloy wheels. This makes wheels more resistant to weather damage and wear and tear than traditional painting.

First, powder coating professionals will take the wheel off the car, check that the tires are alright, and then remove the wheels from the tires and place them on a wheel balancer to check their operation.

Next, the wheel is dipped in the strip tank which removes the old finish and takes the wheel down to the bare metal. They usually stay in the tank for two to four hours and then are power washed off.

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Now it is time for the repair process. Wheels go through the shot blaster and then any damage like scrapes are sanded out. After the wheels are fully prepared, they are ready for powder.

Wheels are hung up and placed in the oven for 32 minutes to preheat. After this time, they are removed, and dry powder is applied. Dry powder is applied with a positive charge it sticks to the surface of the wheel. Then it is put back in the oven for 16 more minutes.

This process is repeated so there are 2 coats of powder, then metallic paint is applied lightly over the powder coat. The last coat applied is a powder coat lacquer to finish the wheel.

To learn more about powder coating, watch the video above!


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