Do you want to go on a trip but you’re hesitant about renting a car? If so, here are some tips when renting a car for your trip!

Tip #1: Sign Up For Car Rentals Programs – Signing for these programs might give you the opportunity for car rental companies to prepare your car once you’ve arrived at the airport, which means you don’t have to waste time going to their physical location or have someone from the company deliver the car for you.

Tip #2: Inspect your car rental. Be sure that before driving it, inspect everything and do a thorough visual inspection of the car if there are any dents, bumps, or damages.

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You don’t want to be sued by the car rental company for damaging their unit.

Tip #3: Avoid underage rental fees. Most car rental companies will charge you extra if you are under 25 years of age. If you happen to experience one, try to avoid these car rental companies as they are likely to rip you with some of their fees too.

Tip #4: Avoid refuelling options. Most car rental companies will pitch refuelling options; although it may sound like a good idea, it’s a bad deal for you. Check if they offer a full gallon refill.

Tip #5: Enable ECO Mode. Most rental cars have this option disabled; if your vehicle has this option, enable it to save gas.


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