Depending on the model of the car, brake repairs may be needed every thirty thousand miles or so. It is a good idea to have your brakes inspected, either yourself or by a mechanic, to assess the state of the disc pads and whether they will need replacing or repairs soon, or whether they are a threat to safe travel.

Brake cleaning equipment comes both in aerosol as well as pump-action liquid that can be applied to the brakes.

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Various lubes and greases are also essential to ensure there is no grinding in the brake system at any time.

With a bolt wrench, removing just one bolt of the caliber above the brake pads will allow you to swing the caliber up and out of the way of viewing the brake pads. Using a pry bar and a rag, the area around and between the brake pads can be cleaned and slicked.

Caliber slide pins that hold the caliber in place get lubricated with silicone paste to achieve optimal function. Be sure to apply this in a way that avoids any grease, as the combination of the two creates a slimy substance.

Brake repairs can be done at home with the proper equipment, but it never hurts to have a professional opinion of anything under the hood, especially for those unfamiliar with car mechanics.

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