Heavy haul drivers transport a variety of goods and materials throughout their careers. A heavy hauling service guarantees that heavier, taller, wider, or longer than typical goods arrive at their intended locations. Here are some of the most frequent cargoes encountered by long-distance truck drivers.

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Vehicles and equipment used in the mining and construction industries, as well as harvesting equipment, are some of the most frequent heavy haul loads that heavy carriers will generally find themselves transporting. The massive cookers, boilers, and other machinery utilized in the food processing industry are also moved using heavy movers. Truckers may also be tasked with delivering unusual equipment, including “mini” submarines for undersea exploration.
Materials including cement, metal, and wood could be used. Two examples are precast concrete components for building projects and metal support beams for the construction industry. Heavy haulers may also be required to transport items like roof joists for homes or construction materials for bridges. In other instances, giant carriers are required to transfer complete constructions and old buildings.
A few examples of the kinds of freight that need to be handled by heavy transporters with their specialized abilities include the gigantic turbines, transformers, and large wind generator propellers utilized in the energy generating and distribution industries. This holds for massive equipment hauled to docks and transferred by boat to offshore oil rigs, as well as the enormous pipes utilized for oil pipelines.

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