This video shows you what you need to install a commercial parking lot fence from start to finish. In any commercial setting, the parking lot is one of the most frequently used areas. Installing a commercial parking lot fence is one of the best security options.

Depending on the business owner’s needs, a commercial parking lot fence can range from four feet to 12 feet in height. The most prevalent heights are 6 feet of chain link and 1 foot of barbwire, totaling seven feet.

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Four primary components are essential in the installation of a commercial fence.

Corner Posts: These are the posts at the ends or corners of a chain-link fence. Concrete anchors them to the ground at a depth of 36 inches. They help keep the commercial fence stable and secure.

Line Posts: Concrete anchors the line posts to the ground. They are about 10 feet apart and extend 24 inches into the ground.
Top rail: Wire ties hold the top rail fashioned from a pipe to the rail fabric for more stability.
Chain-Link Fabric: 9-gauge wire is woven into two-inch diamonds in chain-link fabric.

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