Tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles require a lot of special tools and equipment (watch the video at the end of this post to learn more). It is vital to have the correct tools to tow, load, and safely unload a vehicle. The proper tools can also help improve efficiency and make it easier to get to the next customer faster.

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Some of the most popular tools and equipment for tow trucks include:

    Chain Hooks – These hooks can help secure cars and trucks while they are being towed. They are available in various styles, including eye-type, slip hook, grab hook, and self-locking hooks.
    Portable Vehicle Ramps – These ramps allow people to pull cars and trucks onto their towing trucks, making it easier to tow them away. They are durable enough for heavy vehicles but light enough to be quickly loaded into a truck bed toolbox.
    Glove Box Organizer – A glove box organizer is a great way to keep all of a person’s small tools organized and easy to find when they need them. They are available in various sizes to fit almost any standard glove box compartment. For more information, contact home!


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