Custom cars are incredible if you can afford them. You can build them however you want. You could also have a custom car shop build one for you. Whatever you imagine could be yours.

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There are many talented people who can turn these dreams into reality. However, for one man, he had only $400 and a dream. In this video, you will learn how a $400 car turned into a magnificent masterpiece of a custom car.

According to the car owner, it took him about six years and 22,000 hours to transform his car into the car of his dream. The Buick Riveria was painted a bright bumblebee yellow. It was numerous awards since its transformation including the most creative and innovative custom car at the Detroit Autorama. This came at no small cost. Besides the many years of work put into that car, it took approximately $300,000. One of these pricey upgrades was a brand new Chevrolet V8 engine that gives it plenty of kick. This means that this old car has 784 horsepower after the upgrade.


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