This video discusses the importance of learning how to operate a bobcat before obtaining a bobcat rental. First, you should become familiar with the machine. There are steps to get up to the machine and grab the handles to help you get into the machine.

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Next, you want to turn to get into the machine. There are internal components to the cab, including a lever to move the seat. A bobcat rental has a manual throttle that increases the RPMs when you turn it to the right.

On the right side of the dashboard, you see all of the gauges and components. The joystick controls are located to the left of the joystick. The joystick helps you control the movement of the loader in all directions. The joystick also controls the boom and bucket. You can see the bobcat skid steer loader over your right shoulder. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with the operator handbook. Finally, you want to ensure that you fasten your seatbelt before you put the bobcat into the start position.

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