Tow truck drivers work in the face of danger every time they offer a truck towing service. Many people on the roads do not consider tow trucks as emergency vehicles. Consequently, they are faced with lots of imminent danger when working.

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The video explains the dangers tow truck drivers face while working to clear the road after an accident.

One of the many dangers tow truck drivers face is their trucks getting hit. An accident scene attracts the attention of many drivers on the road. Consequently, the drivers lose focus and start looking at the accident’s wreckage. As a result, they may crash into the tow truck or glaze against it as they avoid a new accident. Often, they do not stop to apologize or assess the damage they have caused.

Also, since tow truck drivers work on the roads, they risk getting hit by other cars. To avoid these, they work in pairs. As one works on removing the accident wreckage, the other directs traffic to keep their colleague safe. To keep tow truck drivers and other road users safe, drivers should slow down or change lanes when they see a tow truck working.

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