This video is telling you how the vane pump is made of an inlet cover, the shaft, and the outlet body. With the cartridge being the containing pumping unit. The video shows you a step by step to follow for hydraulic pump repair, more specifically, when replacing the cartridge. How you need to support the pump in a vise and make a mark between the cover and the outlet body. The video helps you consider approaching a professional in these pump repairs which is ideal because you wouldn’t want to do something that will hinder the efficiency of your hydraulic pump completely.

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Vane pumps operate efficiently and at low pulsation. They have a constant flow and produce less noise. You will know your vane pump is broken when it starts producing more noise, increased heating, and inability to develop full output. These hydraulic pumps are mainly used in power steering, air conditioning. Always make sure that your hydraulic vane pump is away from water as it is one of the leading majors to having your hydraulic pump fail. You need to have components from trusted sources for repairs of your hydraulic pump.

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