Your car is hood-up on the side of the road again, and you’re dreading the repair bill. If you’re not sure whether to fix your old car or spend the money on a new one, this video should offer advice on how to make the most practical choice for your needs.

It’s usually less expensive to repair a car than buy a new one, making budget reasons the top choice for repairing the car. Other reasons a repair may be a good choice are that insurance and registration fees will be higher on a new car or that you love your car and are not ready to part ways. If you feel like your car is a ticking time bomb, you’re better off ditching your car before it ditches you.

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Doing so while the car still has some value gives you some extra money towards a new car by selling it or trading it in. Buying a new car is the option for you if you want peace of mind. An older car can go out at anytime, even after an expensive repair, for unrelated reasons. New car warranties have you covered for at least three years, often more. Auto repairs are inconvenient for everyone.

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