Maybe you’ve loved trucks all your life. Or maybe you would enjoy hearing about the history of work in the US. You could also be interested in learning about how to successfully run a business. If any of these describe you, join Mike Riley and Rick Basta as they delve into the insights received from decades of managing a successful transmission repair shop.

Some of the best advice you could get will come from someone experienced in the area of life you are entering. Because of their increased experience and the events that have guided them to being established in a trade they love for so long, Rick Basta describes a steady movement towards his dream shop to Mike Riley.

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As they discuss the shifting business trends, the changing landscape of consumers, and the variety of services they have offered throughout the years, you will understand the value of zoning into an area of expertise. As the two remember milestones in their careers, their questions and answers hold a wealth of wisdom.

From the experiences of others, you can learn so much. Find your gem in this informational retrospective piece.


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