This video from Roadster Life takes you through the process of car restoration using sandblasting. Sandblasting helps to remove old paint and rust so that a new automotive coating can be applied to restore the vehicle.

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a process where small particles are shot out of equipment at high speed to remove coatings from a wide range of materials including metal. It’s a process that uses special equipment that requires specialized training to handle.

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Protective equipment is used during the process to ensure the operator isn’t injured.

The car in the video that is undergoing sandblasting is a 1970s VW Beetle The operator in the video makes the process look so easy, but it takes a highly developed set of skills to ensure that the metal underneath the oxidation and paint is not damaged. The sandblasting removes all the automotive coating, paint, and rust to reveal the bare metal.

The time-lapse video shows how the paint and rust is removed section by section. Rust has to be removed before any repairs can be made to the metal. Watch the video until the end to see the after comparison it will blow you away.


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