When it comes to trailers, there are a lot of different kinds that all serve different purposes. In the video, “Types of Trailers | Flatbed, Step Deck, Lowboy, RGN, and More,” by EandCmedia, a few of the different types are talked about. The first trailer that is talked about is the flatbed trailer.

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The flatbed trailer is useful because it is able to handle oddly-shaped equipment. This is because the flatbed trailer is not enclosed, making loading and unloading a quicker process. The one downside of this trailer is that you must tie everything down much more carefully than you would a different trailer.

Another type of trailer is a dry van. This is an enclosed trailer that has no temperature control. The benefits of this trailer come from the fact that it is enclosed, which gives added security that the items will stay in place. A refrigerated trailer is similar to a dry trailer, however, it has a cooling system that allows it to transport whatever items normally need to be refrigerated. Finally, a hazardous materials trailer is a type of trailer that, just as the name suggests, transports hazardous material. When working with this trailer you must be careful when you’re loading and transporting.

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