Your windshield plays a critical role in structural support, protection, and safety. Windshields are often exposed to plenty of risks that often cause damage. Windshield repair can restore a windshield to like-new condition. This video will teach you about the types of breaks that are most common and how they can be repaired.

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There are four different common types of windshield breaks including the bullseye, Halfmoon, star break, and combination break. A windshield technician will first identify the type of damage before they get started on the repair.
Windshields are made up of layers of glass and laminate. The repair requires that laminate is “shot” into the glass to repair the break. New technologies are constantly being developed to improve repair. The larger the break the more important the skill set of the technician.
Most breaks are repairable if the equipment can be placed over the break. The only exception to this is if the break is right in line with the driver’s view. If the break is in the driver’s view the only repair option may be a replacement to ensure safe operation.
An experienced technician will evaluate the break to determine the best repair option. Watch the video to learn more.

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