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An oil-injected rotary screw air compressor is a big investment and it’s necessary to put the time and effort into maintaining it. Of course, maintenance costs can pile up if you’re not careful with the choices you make. You need a maintenance system for your oil-injected rotary screw air compressor that’s guaranteed to provide you with reliable protection and savings.

That’s where the PuroLube PLUS Compressor Maintenance System comes in. This system combines fluid conditions, proactive maintenance practices, and contaminant control to reduce the risk of oil degradation, corrosion, fouling, and wear and tear. Not sold just yet? Here’s what makes the PuroLube PLUS Compressor Maintenance System ideal for you.

What are the benefits of PuroLube PLUS?

The PuroLube PLUS Compressor Maintenance System gives you the ability to proactively maintain your oil to keep your compressor fluids in line-new condition. This improves your compressor fluids’ reliability and service life to better protect your air compressor. You won’t have to sweat over wasting valuable time and money replacing your compressor fluids and other consumables.

When you choose to use PuroLube PLUS as a part of your air compressor maintenance, you can expect to:

  • Reduce operating costs: When your air compressor has the maintenance it needs, it can run more smoothly and increase production. This reduces operating costs and makes it easier to perform to the best of your business’ ability.
  • Reduce maintenance labor: Maintenance is necessary, but it can also be expensive when you need to do it regularly to keep your systems in good working order. PuroLube PLUS gives you the ability to maintain your air compressor without having to pay for extensive maintenance costs.
  • Extend oil life: Acids are the number one reason why compressor fluids fail and need to be replaced. With PuroLube PLUS, you can feel confident knowing that your compressor fluids are being well-maintained so they last longer and keep your air compressor running efficiently. This helps to reduce energy consumption and reduce downtime.

With the PuroLube PLUS Compressor Maintenance System from Fluid Metrics, you can rest easy knowing your air compressor is getting the reliability centered maintenance it needs to keep its performance fluids in good shape. To learn more about how PuroLube PLUS can benefit your business, contact Fluid Metrics today.

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