There are some insane super cars out there. They reach mind-boggling speeds while looking absolutely stunning. However, most of us will never even get chance to think about owning one of these incredible works of engineering. Even so, we can still appreciate them from afar thanks to videos like the one you will see here. While you may not be able to purchase this super car, there are plenty of other excellent cars waiting for your purchase at your local car dealership.

In this video, Lamborghini reveals the new Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo. It was given this name because it was made for the Gran Turismo Ultimate Championships video game in 2019.

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This sleek car is green and black with gold trim. Only one of these exists in the world. One of the features that jumps out right away is the “y” shaped tail light which is often used by Lamborghini. There are also hexagonal exhaust pipes that run all the way into the aspirated v12 engine. As for the display, it is entirely digital. further, the display is projected up onto the glass. Lastly, this car has a special racing suspension as well.


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