When you’re looking to install a garage door, you can run into a ton of problems. It’s something most people don’t know how to do, but if you’re feeling handy and would like to give it a shot, here are some steps you can do to get started.

When it comes to a residential garage door install, what you need to know is that there are professionals who do this for a reason. For some people, it takes years to master commercial garage door openers.

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But maybe for you, it’s something that you can handle. First off, you need to budget out exactly what you want to do. Basic garage doors can cost up to two thousand dollars. If you go any cheaper, you might be running into issues. Next up, you need to make sure you have the rails that the door is gonna ride on. Most garages already come with these rails because, at some point or another, there had to be a door. Once you know those rails are there, decide whether or not you want to go the extra mile and invest money into an automatic opener.

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