When a company comes to replace windshields at home, the first step the specialist does is to measure the car’s current windshield to ensure that the replacement is of the same size and compatible the same size and consistent with the vehicle. The second step on how to replace windshields involves removing anything which may obstruct the removal of the previous windshield, such as rearview mirrors and plastic panels from the dashboard.
After that, the next step is to remove the molding around the windshield’s perimeter.

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The specialist then proceeds to take out the windshield by cutting off the windshield from the pinch-weld to properly separate them since the pinch-weld gives the windshield shape and structure. Using a cold knife, they cut through the urethane.
They then clean the frame before installing the new glass to enable the adhesion of the urethane and the windshield to be strongly united. The final step of how to replace windshields is carefully aligning the windshield’s top, bottom, and sides before installation by placing it at the top of the pinch-weld and applying urethane to hold it in the frames.

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