Is there a business owner who doesn’t want his company to more than just stay afloat in the industry? Every head of a company wants a thriving business that evolves over time while staying ahead of competitors.

Adding a commercial electric car charging station or two to your establishment can help you achieve this goal. According to a report by Bloomberg in 2017, electric vehicles will account for the majority of new car sales (50 percent of the global market) by 2040.

This increasing number of electronic cars creates new opportunities for business owners to attract new customers while maintaining a solid connection with existing ones. Therefore, you have all the reasons to jump on board and install a commercial electric car charging station at your establishment to begin accommodating these customers.

Why You Need Commercial EV Charging Solutions for Your Business

According to additional data, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on American roads is expected to reach 18.7 million by 2030. This represents approximately 7% of the 259 million vehicles (cars and light trucks).

Are you still a little bit hesitant about taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity? Below are just a few benefits and pointers that will make you think otherwise:

Improves Brand Image

Installing EV stations at your business establishment can definitely help your company get a better image. Owners of electric cars will be more likely to patronize your business over competitors who don’t have a commercial electric car charging station. You’ll see a significant increase in new customers, especially with environmental concerns continuously rising.

Promotes Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

When electric car owners drive to your business place to charge, there’s a good chance they’ll return again. By subtly placing your location on their regular route, you’re also increasing the foot traffic for your business. In fact, they may even alter their current path just to stop by your establishment and charge their vehicles.

If you notice, big stores like Target have already started installing EV charging stations at their locations. So why not do it at your business establishment as well?

Acts as Another Source of Revenue

Charging for EV services is a simple way for garage operators to supplement their pay-to-park revenue. You can earn more money without incurring the expense of hiring more employees.

You can also use this setup to keep your team from taking up valuable space in the parking spot.

With this arrangement, you can expect your EV station to pay for itself in the long run. Eventually, the fees can cover both the installation fees as well as the maintenance costs.

Puts Your Company on the Map

When you have a commercial electric car charging station, you can sign up for a variety of apps that can help put your business on the map. It’s a powerful free form of advertising that drives traffic to your company’s website.

Drivers in the area who need to start charging their electric vehicles can visit your business establishment. Because charging can take a long time – up to half an hour, EV owners will likely get off their car to shop or dine. If you own a retail outlet, they’ll undoubtedly take considerable time there and buy something.

Once you’ve installed EV charging stations, you can add your company to mobile apps like Blink Map, Plug Share, and Charge Hub. These applications have a wide reach because electric car owners can easily find them through their mobile phones, giving your company more exposure to prospective clients.

More Tax Rebate Opportunities

If you purchase an electric vehicle, you can be eligible to get up to $7,500 in federal tax credits under the federal incentive program provided by the US Department of Energy. In fact, almost all states encourage companies to take advantage of this chance by installing EV stations at their business establishments.

Meet the Needs of Your Modern Customers

Now is the best time to enhance and grow your company beyond the standard promotional strategies. Adding commercial electric car charging stations to your place of business makes it extremely clear to people that your company prioritizes the needs of its clients. Take advantage of this wonderful chance to broaden your current clientele by trying to accommodate people who are transitioning to electric vehicles.

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