While driving a convertible is fun, it must be properly working for the owners to enjoy the ride. Convertible vehicle owners can learn how to repair their cars from this video. A comprehensive convertible top repair ensures the car runs efficiently for an extended period. A convertible top repair expert can repair your car with the following simple steps.

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They will start by cleaning the damaged area using isopropyl alcohol. Doing so eliminates body oils and dirt, which can affect the bond on the convertible top.
Trimming any fraying edges with a pair of scissors.
Applying tenacious tape on the damaged area. The convertible tape repair specialist should ensure the tape extends at least one inch beyond the hole, tear, or rip. The tenacious tape patch’s corners should be rounded. While applying the patch over the convertible top, the expert should smooth out bubbles while ensuring the edges lay flat.
The convertible top repair expert will then apply waterproof urethane adhesive to the other part of the repair. They will then paint a fine layer across the damage while ensuring they extend one to two inches in every direction of the rip, hole, or tear.
The final step involves applying another segment of tenacious tape across the adhesive. They should extend at least one inch beyond the torn area. Once the convertible top repair process is complete, the owners should allow 24 hours for it to cure.
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