Watch this video to learn how to change your engine oil at home. Oil is vital for your vehicle’s maintenance. Change your oil regularly, as it ensures efficiency and preserves the condition of your engine and other moving parts. An oil change does not need an expert. You can do it yourself, following these simple steps.

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Get the right tools, such as a jack stand to support your car, an oil filter, and a tray to drain the oil. Confirm the type and amount of oil you need. Prepare the vehicle and secure it with the jack to ensure it does not move. Locate the oil filter and remove it. Remove the drain plug, then drain the oil. Be sure to wrap a cloth on your hand to prevent the oil from spilling on your hand.

Lubricate the rubber casket and change the oil filter. Check the amount of oil you should add, then pour in the new oil. Check to confirm that the level is the required standard. Put back the drain plug and switch on the engine to allow the oil to circulate. If you notice faults after changing the oil, consult a mechanic. Otherwise, you are good to go!.

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