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Experiencing a car lockout can be incredibly frustrating. However, it isn’t the end of the world. Expert locksmiths can help you get back in and there are methods to unlock your car that you can learn, yourself. This video shows a few ways to unlock your car in case of an emergency.

The first method utilizes a simple shoestring. Make sure it’s long enough to cover the diagonal width of the window. Slide the shoelace in through the top corner of your door. You can use a thin instrument to prevent the shoelace from getting caught by weather stripping and other rubber.

Once the string is put into position, make a slipknot in the shoestring and put that into the door. Loop the slipknot around the knob if your car has one. It can take some time, but be patient and keep trying. Once you have the loop around the knob, pull the string ends apart and pull up.

You can also use long wire to hook the knob. Slip it into the door between the window and the weather stripping and grab the latching mechanism at the bottom of a lock knob. For more information on unlocking a car door without your keys, check out the link to the video above.

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