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Roadside assistance services come in handy when you have a driving-related emergency. They can repair tires, bring fuel, do quick repairs on the road, and tow the truck to a good mechanic to help you out. However, sometimes roadside services can take forever to get to you, creating a frustrating and unsafe situation. This video explains why.

The truth is, if you call a roadside assistance service like the ones many insurance companies offer, it is not a straightforward process. Once you hang up with the roadside assistance operator, they do not call a towing company right away and get that over to you as soon as possible.

Instead, the operator will call around to various towing companies to see which one will charge the least amount. It doesn’t matter if the company is five miles away or 20. What matters is their asking price. And the operator will have the competing tow truck services bid against each other, taking up even more time.

To avoid this problem happening to you, make sure you have a towing service you trust on speed dial. You can still call the roadside assistance, but make sure they know to call your preferred towing truck service. It’s your right.

For more information, check out the video above.

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