One thing no one likes to buy, but everyone who drives needs is auto insurance. Sometimes, this can be more expensive than a car, and depending on your driving history and record, an auto insurance company may decline your request for insurance. So, listen to this clip of a podcast that talks about what type of insurance a person should buy.

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The first thing the host talks about is the liability part of the insurance plan. He says this is the cheapest part of the plan so it is wise to spend a little more for liability because it won’t be that much extra. Plus, you receive better coverage for liability without breaking the bank.

In fact, the host even recommends buying an umbrella liability package that covers over a million dollars in liability. He recommends purchasing that when you get a little wealthier and want to protect both your car and house.

Going through the process of purchasing car insurance is a difficult thing to do. But, it’s necessary and you should not wait to do it. Listen to the rest of this video to learn more about what type of insurance works.


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