A crack in a windshield can lead to major damage and repairs if not handled properly. Address chips and cracks in a windshield is crucial, so it is important to try to handle them as soon as they have been noticed. Understanding auto windshield repair is not only necessary to avoid a full replacement but can also save you money.

The first step is cleaning the crack and the area around it. This prevents any shards of glass, dirt, or debris from making the crack grow.

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To fully get any glass out, it may be necessary to use a safety pin or any small piece of metal. When cleaning, it is recommended to pour the cleaning solution onto a towel, such as a microfiber towel. Never spray a cleaning agent or alcohol directly on the windshield when a crack is present.

The next step is purchasing the auto glass repair kit. These can be purchased at most auto parts stores and tend to not be too expensive. Start by applying the seal around the crack. It is important that the crack is in the center of the seal, and that the tab is facing up.

For additional information on auto windshield replacements, please review the attached video.


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