If you fix garages regularly, a slanting garage is not uncommon to find. In its older years, a good structure shifts. Adverse weather conditions will have it slanting at a slight angle.

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As this video by Dustin and his team indicates, straightening it back out is a matter of precision, care, and just the right tools to get the job done.

With two eye-hooks on the corner braces, both at the back and the front, and a ratchet strap connecting them, cranking them both at the same time will instantly restore its shape. A spirit level is a must-have for a job like this. Understanding the wood used for your garage, and the way its elasticity and weight will eventually settle in once it has been straightened out, the spirit level allows you to properly account for that final exhale. This is when the new bracing is put in and the ratchet strap released.

With an older garage, the roof will have had its fair share of troubles over the years. So a quick reroofing helps get rid of unnecessary weight.

This way, your garage serves you longer!.

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