Mobile mechanic body work is a convenient alternative to traditional auto repair shops, where the mechanic will travel to the customer’s location, diagnose the problem and complete the necessary repairs on-site. This type of service is often less expensive than going to an auto repair shop, but the total cost will depend on the age of the vehicle, the type of work that needs to be done, and the distance the mechanic must travel.

Do you wish to know the cost of mobile mechanic body work and keep your car in good condition at all times? Well, you’re in the right place. Here is a comprehensive guide to the cost of common mobile mechanic jobs and an insight into the factors that usually affect the overall cost of mobile mechanic body work.

Cost of New Car Roof

The cost of mobile mechanic body work varies widely depending on the type of repair required. One of the more expensive repairs is a roof replacement. However, the cost of a new car roof ranges from $5,500 to $11,000, with the national average cost of around $8,000. According to automobile experts, the cost of a new car roof is projected using the square footage of your car’s roof and the chosen roofing material.

It’s essential to address any cracks or leaks in a car roof to prevent water damage and rotting underneath the roof. Unattended roof damage can eventually cause extensive damage inside your car, including loss of valuable possessions and even endanger the occupants. In that case, hire a reputable roofing contractor in car roof repair to ensure a quality job.

When receiving a roof replacement estimate from a roofing contractor, approximately 60% of the estimate will cover the labor cost per square foot, and the remaining 40% will cover the materials needed. The labor cost can range from $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot or $150 to $300 per square.

Cost of Fixing Your Car’s AC

When fixing your car’s air conditioning system, the cost varies greatly depending on the issue you intend to solve. Either way, the cost of air conditioning repair could range from $10 to $1,000, and several factors affect the final cost.

One of the cheapest and easiest problems to repair is a low refrigerant level, which can cost around $10 or less if you have the gauges and experience to recharge the system. However, if the refrigerant remains low, it could be due to a leak. To find the source of the leak, a special UV dye can be used to identify the issue, which will require repair before the system can be recharged. The cost of fixing a leak can range from a minimal amount to over $500, depending on the damaged part.

The most common mechanical part to fail in the air conditioning system is the compressor, and the cost of replacing it could range from $100 to $250, while labor could add another $250 to $750 to the bill. Many other parts could go bad, such as the condenser and evaporator or the blower motor, and replacing them could easily add up to $1,000 or more. It’s important to have the system checked yearly before hot weather sets in to ensure optimal performance. That will cost around $100.

Cost of New Auto Glass

Auto glass is a crucial component of a car’s body and is vulnerable to breakage or cracks due to various causes such as road debris, inclement weather, or accidents. The cost of new auto glass depends on multiple factors, including the type of vehicle, windshield features, type of damage, front vs. rear windshield, type of glass, and whether you choose OEM or aftermarket glass. Research shows that the average windshield replacement cost ranges between $200 and $500.

Luxury vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz usually require expensive replacement glass, increasing costs. Additionally, windshields equipped with features like rain sensors and advanced driver assistance systems are more costly to replace than standard ones.

You can choose between OEM and aftermarket windshield replacement, with aftermarket glass costing around $100 less than OEM glass. However, cheap windshield replacements from some glass companies may not match the quality of OEM parts. Therefore, be careful when selecting windshield replacement products.

Cost of Trailer Repair

Trailer and truck repair costs can be expensive, especially for larger, more complex vehicles such as RVs. When it comes to repairs, it is essential to understand the potential cost of mobile mechanic work before purchasing a trailer or motorhome.

In that case, the labor cost for trailer repairs can vary greatly depending on the service provider. Larger dealerships typically charge a higher hourly rate, ranging from $129 to $189 per hour. However, smaller sellers may offer more affordable hourly rates, charging as little as $65 per hour. In addition, some sellers may offer flat rates per job, saving you money on labor costs.

It’s also important to note that the cost of repairs can vary depending on the type of trailer you own. For instance, luxury coaches may require more expensive parts and labor, with some couples reporting paying up to $20,000 for major parts replacement. Consider working with a reliable truck and trailer repair company to reduce the risk of costly repairs.

Cost of New Car Keys

Replacing a car key can range from $50 to $600, depending on the key type and where the replacement is obtained. Basic key fobs are the least expensive to replace, costing anywhere between $50 and $110. On the other hand, Laser-cut keys can only be replaced by a dealership, making them expensive. A laser cut key will cost $150 to $300 to replicate.

Transponder keys, which gained popularity in the 90s, are either laser-cut or basic keys but have a chip that must be programmed into the vehicle. Programming and replacing a transponder key will average around $150 to $225. The switchblade keys fold into the key fob but pop back out with the click of a button, and these can be replaced for $150 to $350, depending on the make of the car. Finally, keyless entry remotes are the most expensive, replacing a keyless entry remote between $250 and $600.

To get a car key replaced, the best places to include a locksmith services, dealership, or hardware store. Dealerships will be the most expensive, especially if it is a luxury dealership. However, it’s important to note that most locksmiths can program transponder keys, and they will cost 20% less than going through a car dealership. Thus, it may be beneficial to seek a locksmith service if the key to be replaced is a transponder key.

Cost of New Car Doors

Replacing a car door can be costly, and the price can vary depending on several factors. The cost could range from $300 to $3000, depending on whether you opt for a second-hand or a new door shell and the pricing in the auto shop. Besides, the scope of work required can also affect the cost.

If you have property damage liability insurance, you may not incur any cost for replacing your custom iron door. However, you will be responsible for paying for the damages if you are at fault. Additionally, collision coverage can cover the cost of repairs and replacement when you hit a moving or inanimate object. It is advisable to check with your insurer before making any decisions.

Cost to Clean Your Car

When it comes to car body work, mobile mechanics are a popular option for those who prefer the convenience of having their vehicle serviced at their location. However, the cost of mobile mechanic body work can vary depending on several factors. One of the factors that can affect the cost of body work is the type of service needed. It may include cleaning, repair, or painting.

For cleaning services, the cost of mobile mechanic body work can range from $50 to $150 for an average-sized vehicle, with SUVs or vans costing slightly more. Additional services, such as using high-quality cleaning products or steam cleaning the interior or carpet, can cost $75 or more. Some mobile mechanics may also offer specialized services such as dent removal, engine cleaning, or wheel detailing, which may come at an additional cost.

Dumpster deliveries and storage companies are also becoming increasingly popular for car owners who want to store their vehicles long-term or need a place to keep them while undergoing body work. These companies offer secure and climate-controlled storage options for a monthly fee. The cost of these services can vary depending on the location, vehicle size, and storage length needed. It’s important to inquire about additional fees or restrictions before choosing a storage company for your car.

Cost to Rent Tools

The tools needed also affect the cost of mobile mechanic body work. Some body work requires specialized tools that may be limited to the mechanic. The mechanic may need to rent tools to complete the job in such cases. Tool rental service charge rental fees depending on the type and size of the tool, as well as the duration of the rental period.

For small power tools like nailers, belt sanders, and reciprocating saws, the rental usually costs $15 to $20 per day. Larger and more specialized equipment can cost over $200 per day. However, the cost may be lower if you rent the tool longer. Many stores offer half-day, daily, weekly, and monthly rates, with longer periods costing less per day.

Cost of Garage Door Repair

A garage door is more than just a decoration for your home. It’s a security feature for your home and your vehicles. Therefore, your garage door must function well at all times. Unfortunately, garage doors may develop faults due to normal wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, or accidents, which makes it essential to know how much it costs to repair a garage door. According to a National Electronic Injury Surveillance System report, approximately 2,500 people are crushed, while another 7,500 are pinched by a garage door each year in the United States. Therefore, it’s best to leave repairs to professional garage door companies to avoid risking injury or death.

The cost of aluminum garage doors ranges from $200 to $600. On the other hand, fiberglass garage doors cost between $150 and $550, while wood garage doors cost between $250. If you need steel garage doors, you will spend around $250 to $700. Regardless of the garage door material, repairing a garage door spring costs between $150 and $375. Common repairs include replacing cables, tracks, rollers, sensors, brackets, and chains.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Mobile Mechanic Body Work

When it comes to car ownership, people usually focus on buying the car and the cost of gasoline. However, additional costs should be considered, such as maintenance and repairs, which can add up to thousands of dollars annually. The following factors are likely to drive up the costs of repairs:

Type of damage:

When a car requires repairs due to an accident, the extent of the damage significantly impacts the repair costs. Typically, some types of damage are more expensive to fix than others, such as damage to the engine or transmission. The two aspects require extensive repairs or even replacements.

Type of vehicle:

The cost of mobile mechanic body work can also be affected by your vehicle type. Luxury vehicles with special features like advanced audio systems, heated and ventilated seats, and advanced driver-assistance systems are difficult and expensive to repair. In addition, some manufacturers are using aluminum to make the car lighter and improve performance, but aluminum car parts are more expensive to replace than steel or iron parts.


Generally, the cost of mobile mechanic body work will vary depending on the state where you live. That means you may pay higher or lower repair costs. For instance, according to CarMD’s report, the average repair bill in New Jersey was $392.99, the highest in the country. The variability of cost is affected by factors such as taxes, insurance rates, and availability of mechanics.

Labor costs:

Labor costs are another significant factor affecting the overall cost of mobile mechanic body work. The amount of money you will pay for labor varies depending on the mechanic’s experience and expertise. Repair shops in urban areas or tourist destinations often charge more for labor than those in suburban or rural areas. Additionally, specialized repairs such as computer programming or diagnostic systems require special tools and training, increasing the overall repair cost of mobile mechanic body work.

Replacement parts costs:

Luxury cars or those with specialized features require expensive replacement parts, and the cost of aluminum parts is usually higher than steel or iron parts. Also, some parts may be made of more than one material, such as aluminum and other metals, making them more expensive to replace.

The complexity of the job:

Repairs that require extensive labor or the mechanic to dismantle several parts to get to the damaged area tend to take longer and increase the overall repair cost. On the other hand, repairs on cars with sophisticated computer programming or those with multiple systems can be complicated and require specialized tools and knowledge, adding to the repair costs.

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