Are you planning to renovate your home and does it involve concrete? If so, then most prestressed concrete service companies will most likely recommend that you accept their service. However, if you don’t know what is prestressed concrete, here is some valuable information about this type of concrete.

Concrete 101:

• Concrete is one of the most important components in home renovation, flooring, and pavement.

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Despite its robust qualities, concrete has its weakness too. One of its flaws is having no strength when it comes to tension.

• Although concrete can withstand incredible amounts of compressive stress, when you try to pull it apart, it gives in pretty easily. Another weakness of concrete is it’s brittle, it doesn’t have that ductility or stretch in them, and when you combine these two weaknesses, you get cracks and crevices in your concrete.

What is prestressed concrete?

As concrete has a lot of weaknesses, prestressed concrete addresses all of its issues to provide a better and more stable type of concrete that can withstand an extreme amount of stress without cracking easily. A prestressed concrete goes through the process of being compressed along with steel rods or beams.

Basics of making prestressed concrete:

During the process of prestressed concrete making, a concrete frame is built by the prestressed concrete service along to go around the concrete beam. The frame will hold the tension of the steel as the concrete is poured and cured.


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