Are you looking for a new van for your family or company? There are so many vans on the market to choose from. In this video, you will learn about the Ford Transit. If you decide you want to take one for a spin yourself, consider a ford transit rental from your local car dealer.

The Ford Transit can seat up to 12 passengers making it ideal for passenger transportation. Even so, it still has space for some storage as well.

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It is spacious and comes with many cubbies and cup holders which make storing your belongings a breeze. Speaking of breeze, there are vents throughout the van which makes the inside temperature comfortable in all weather. The Ford Transit also has the latest technology features. It comes with a Bluetooth stereo player and a backup camera. As with many vehicles, it also has cruise control. As for safety features, there are double mirrors in the front. The side door is a sliding door which makes it impossible for kids to slam the car next to them on the way out. This vehicle is also versatile. The seats can be configured and removed for more storage capacity if needed. The Ford Transit with its features and versatility make it an excellent option for your next van.


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