This video discusses tire rotations and how someone can rotate his or her tires the right way. All auto owners should have their tires rotated to prevent vibration from occurring in the wheel. Another reason to perform a tire rotation is so that the wheels can wear evenly.

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Getting the tires rotated at the appropriate time extends the life of the tread so that the vehicle owner can get as much life out of the vehicle as possible. The proper way to rotate tires depends on the type of tires the individual has and what the manufacturer recommends. Many vehicle owners perform a straightforward front-to-back and back-to-front rotation. That means that they jack the car up, remove the rear tires, place them in the front, and then move the front wheels to the back. Some vehicle owners want their cross rotations where the rear right goes up to the front left and so forth. Most small-time shops offer to do the simple rotation because it cuts down on the confusion. A vehicle owner can perform a simple rotation on the tires himself or herself. The most important thing to remember is to use the appropriate amount of torque when re-attaching the tires to the vehicle.

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