Cars with autopilot are an exciting future prospect. However, there are also complexities surrounding who is to blame in the case of an autopilot crash. Is it the drivers fault or the fault of the manufacturer? We may now have our answer. In this video, you will learn about a recent ruling in a Tesla autopilot crash. Unfortunately, no amount of auto repairs would make this accident better.

A man was driving his Tesla on autopilot several years ago. He was not paying enough attention to his car as it was exiting a highway.

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The autopilot ran a red light and hit a couple that was driving through the intersection. Tragically, the couple ended up perishing in the incident. Now, two years later, the man driving the Tesla was convicted of vehicular manslaughter. This case sets a powerful precedent. It will not always be the fault of the manufacturer in the case of an autopilot crash. If the person was deemed to not be paying the proper attention, they may be held responsible instead. Tesla has implemented safety features to combat carelessness. For example, the car will beep at users who have taken their hands off of the wheel. Even so, there are still major concerns about the feasibility of self-driving cars.


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