One of the more overlooked small-block engines is the LT1. This powerful engine is arguable the most powerful small block engine Gm ever made. It can be used to improve many vehicles and get them ready for racing. Overall, if you’re upgrading a vehicle with a small block engine, you won’t go wrong with an LT1.

But what do you need to know about LT1 motors performance? According to some experts, these engines make the same amount of power as the LS1, which is well known for its capabilities in the street racing community. The only downside to this engine is that it had a limited production run, so it is relatively difficult to find.

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Additionally, you may need to make your own modifications to the engine to get it to work with your vision for your vehicle.

However, you won’t be without support. Car enthusiasts have all kinds of modifications and plans available, including rocker shafts, cam shafts, and nitrous systems. If you have significant experience working on engines and upgrading them with custom or aftermarket parts, you should be able to make the LT1 engine work for your project.

To learn more about customizing an LT1 motors performance, check out the video posted above. In the video, the host showcases all kinds of upgrades that enhance this already powerful engine.

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