The automotive industry is one of the largest in the entire world, and every year, tens of millions of cars are manufactured and sold. Three of the biggest car-producing nations are the United States, Germany, and Japan, and they make some of the world’s most popular brands such as Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. Japanese cars are some of the most popular in the world, often known for endurance and quality alike. Brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Subaru often sell well, but some car enthusiasts want something more out of their vehicle. Some enthusiasts like to change the parts in their car, and this even includes the engine itself. Japanese engine import goods may prove popular among some car owners, and low mileage Japanese engines may be browsed on the secondary market. Used Japanese import engines may be found at one’s local auto shop, or they may be available in one’s city or local area. What is there to know about cars and finding a Japanese engine import?

Japan and Cars

In the latter half of the 20th century, Japan proved itself an economic powerhouse, and its automotive industry grew to become a global competitor. Today, Japan has strong trade ties to many nations, with the United States being one of its biggest customers. In fact, as of 2016, Japan stood as the United States’ fourth biggest supplier of goods imports, and this certainly included cars. All imports that the United States received from Japan in that year added up to nearly $132.2 billion, such as various car brands. In that year, the Toyota brand became th4e world’s number one valuable car brand, with an estimated value of nearly $30 billion USD. And in that year, the Toyota Camry sold some 389,000 models in the United States. Meanwhile, Honda, another large brand, sold close to 4.7 million cars around the world in 2016. An American customer looking for a fine Japanese car has plenty of options to choose from, and this includes car parts like engines. A Japanese import engine may never be far away.

Finding Car Parts

A car is a complete item once it is purchased from a dealer, but car maintenance and upgrades are options for car owners for years to come. Naturally, a car may sometimes need maintenance or repair over its lifetime, such as tire rotation, pounding out dents, replacing the seat upholstery, and even touching up the paint job. This also includes the engine and other performance-based parts. Sometimes, a car’s engine battery may go dead and need replacement, but some car enthusiasts would rather swap out their engine for boosted performance. A Japanese engine import may do the job for a Toyota or a Nissan, for example.

Car enthusiasts are well known for modifying the appearance and the performance of their cars, and many enthusiasts may even have their own garage and the tools to make these changes themselves. Cars can have many of their parts modified or swapped out. For example, a car may have a spoiler attached to the trunk, or it may have body lights or wheel rims for aesthetics. The car may be modified under the hood, too, such as having a turbocharger to allow for bursts of extra speed. And in other cases, putting in an entirely new engine can boost a car’s horsepower and totally change the way it drives. Often, these cars are meant to show off and become personal expressions, and they can also be used for racing or taken to car shows.

Changing the engine is no mean feat. All but the most skilled car enthusiasts are encouraged to take their in to an auto shop and have professional crews take care of this work. An engine is powerful and complicated, and something may go wrong if it is improperly installed. A car owner can look online ahead of time to find an engine that they want, and an online search such as “Japanese engine import Nissan” or “Japanese engine import Toyota Camry” might be a fine place to start. The car enthusiast can get his/her hands on a new engine with the desired technical specs, and hire professional workers to actually install it.

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