Japanese engines for sale

Japan is one of the biggest producers of quality car engines in the world. Every year, the country churns out nearly 8 million passenger vehicles. Toyota alone is estimated to be producing 11 million vehicles of all types by 2023, and in 2016 Honda sold nearly 5 million cars around the world.

America Loves Japanese Cars

With their reputation for quality and reliability, Japanese cars are a hot item in America. Whether it’s Subaru in the snowy north, or the best-selling Honda Accord, Honda Civic, or Toyota Camry, we can’t get enough of Japan’s vehicles. The sheer number of Japanese cars on our roads guarantees a big market in Japanese import engines and used Japanese engines for sale. And the reputation of Japanese car manufacturers means that one of the most cost-effective ways for American vehicle owners to get a great deal on a quality engine is by buying used Japanese engines for sale.

Why Buy Japanese Used Engines?

In Japan, owning a car is very expensive: far more expensive than owning on in America. The cost of gas, taxes, tolls for highway and city driving, and insurance and repair bills can be many times higher than what Americans experience. For this reason, a lot of Japanese cars have lower mileage than the equivalent car of the same age in the United States. Japanese cars also go through rigorous inspections twice a year, and even a small bit of body damage is assumed to make the car unfit to drive. It’s rare to find a car on Japan’s roads that is older than six years, meaning that used Japanese engines for sale in America are of great quality, are lightly used, and can be had for a good price.

Why Get Japanese Import Engines?

They are a much better value than engines from American salvage yards. We’re much harder on our cars over here, and by the time an engine makes it to the salvage yard it’s usually in pretty rough shape. The average used Japanese engines for sale through import are in much better shape and will last you a lot longer. Most of them are also put through stringent tests to make sure all the components are in good shape, and that they hold oil pressure, don’t leak, and have no sludge.

If you’re looking for an engine for your boat, car, or other vehicle, you can’t do better than to get a used Japanese engine.

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