Stereo wiring harness

Did you know that the first commercial car radio was sold in 1930 for 110 dollars? Accounting for inflation, this was the equivalent of an almost 2,000 dollar investment. It was not until the 1950s that a seek button was added. Today, almost everyone has or wants a radio in their car, and most of the time it costs a lot less than 2,000 dollars. Want to upgrade or replace your current system? Here is your guide on how to install a car radio.

1. Evaluate the Settings

Unfortunately, not all radio systems can be easily replaced by a novice. If your stereo has a premium audio system label, you will probably need to get it switched out with the help of a professional. Several examples of premium logos include BOSE, Infinity, and Harmon.

2. Get Your Gear

Make sure the stereo you purchase will fit the dimensions of your car. Most radios will specify what cars or models they fit. You also need a wiring radio harness and stereo mounting kit. For installation, you will need tools like a wire stripper, a dash kit, screwdrivers, and a metric socket.

3. Get Going

If you bought a kit, it should have instructions on removal. If not, every car is different, but the essentials are the same. You will need to unscrew the plastic dashboard mount, so that you can remove the radio. You need to disconnect the negative battery terminal. If your vehicle wiring harness fits the stereo plug, then you can start wiring up. The new radio harness should be the same colors as the old one. Then install the stereo mounting sleeve, sliding in until it locks. Plug the auto wiring harness into the radio plug.

4. Finish Up

Now that you finished installation, all you need to do is put the stereo and dash kit back into place. Make sure you reinstall any panels you removed. Your dash should look the same as it did before, except for the new stereo. Then reconnect your negative car battery terminal, and you are done! We realize that these instructions might be difficult if you do not have a kit to follow. For any type of car, you can easily find car stereo wiring diagrams, and these should help you out.

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