How to remove a car stereo

Your success in completing an aftermarket radio installation may depend on properly locating and using auto wiring diagrams and specifically your exact wire diagram for car stereo installation. First, you should realize that your wire diagram for car stereo installation may differ from any another make, model, and type of car. You will need to gather several items besides the wire diagram for car stereo installation such as screwdrivers, ratchet sets, and ideally copies of the wiring diagram that you can mark up. This is important when you need to highlight and trace a specific wire or set of wires to its endpoint without getting lost.

Also, your wire diagram for car stereo installation may not address any of the cosmetic and dash elements that you will have to remove prior to installation. A good car manual can provide step by step instructions for the disassembly and reassembly of your dash. You may want to photograph everything along the way. As you remove the existing stereo, take pictures of the connections it uses and where any installation screws are on the back or chassis of the stereo.

Once the old radio has been removed, you should plan your new installation out on paper. Are you adding components or ports? Is there a new antennae hook up that you need to be aware of? Are you adding or consolidating speaker set ups? Your copies and printouts of the wire diagram for stereo installation will come in handy here as you begin to piece together your new system.

Some installations may benefit from a dry fitting before bolting all of the components back together. Look to your wire diagram for car stereo installation to identify power sources and output paths then temporarily connect the wires. This is a critical checkpoint! Test everything with the power on. That means listening to individual speakers and testing the various inputs like mp3 or compact disc drives. Finally, after you are convinced that your wire diagram for car stereo installation has been followed perfectly you can begin to step through final installation in the stereo chassis and speaker holes. Those pictures you took along the way can guide to a perfect installation of new components.

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