Inspection of garage doors should be done professionally. From the InterNACHI House of Horrors, Ray Kline, a certified master inspector, walks you through garage door inspections in a YouTube video titled “Quick Inspection Tip: Garage Systems.”

The door’s exterior should be examined first to ensure that the panel sheets are square and level within the opening. Of interest should be the racking to ensure that there is no pressure exerted on the guide rails.

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Additionally, check for structural or cosmetic damage to the door’s surface. Further, it is critical to inspect the garage door seals at the door’s edges and beneath the bottom of the door.

When the door is closed from the inside, inspections should be performed to check the tension spring, guide rails, and door mounting hardware. Loose components indicate that the garage door needs repair or replacement of parts.

Additionally, it is critical to inspect the door opener and ensure that the drive system, whether chain, belt drive, or screw drive does not have excessive slack.


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