Car windows are often tinted for many reasons, and you may have had tinted car windows. Many people choose to tint their car windows for safety, privacy, or even for aesthetic purposes. While it’s possible to install your window tinting, it’s highly recommended to bring your car into an auto glass tinting shop.

After watching this video, you will get a behind-the-scenes look into how a window tinting professional does their job. It starts by trimming and measuring the actual timing and making sure that it fits each window.

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After trimming the tinting shield to the appropriate sizes, the auto glass tinting professional uses a heat gun and pressure to make sure that the tinting fits the windows properly before trimming the loose edges for an even more precise fit.

After prepping the tinting, a thorough cleaning is done on the interior of the car where the tinting will be applied. The tint is carefully applied and fitted to the window before anchoring it to the window.

This video will give you a step-by-step look into how window tinting really works and what your car may have gone through, too! As you can see, this process can be tedious and is best left to a professional.


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