Oem dodge parts

Americans love their cars, and the automotive industry has a long history in this country. Apart from certain cities with reliable public transportation, we rely on cars almost exclusively to get to work, and thereby to run the economy. Cars are a point of pride and social status in addition to being a necessity in most people’s lives.

Given America’s relationship with its cars, the statistics on how we actually take care of them is alarming. Vehicle neglect causes nearly 750 million dollars in vehicle damages every year, and over 650 million dollars in lost wages, because of people unexpectedly not being able to get to work. Vehicle neglect is a huge source of problems because many automotive issues can be solve proactively if the necessary maintenance is performed.

One thing that can be helpful in preventative car maintenance is using parts specific to your vehicle when needing replacements. Genuine jeep parts, for example, from parts specialists, will keep your jeep running longer. Genuine jeep parts are OEMs, which stands for original equipment manufacturer, and using oem parts can extended the life of your car if you stay on top of the maintenance recommendations.

The issue of preventative maintenance and using exact specifications of oem equipment is even more important than money lost– which is about 2 billion in total in the U.S. It also causes 100,000 disabling injuries and 2,600 deaths per year; this is because failing to performing routine inspections on your car can make it unsafe. This can put you and whoever rides in your car in danger, in addition to the extra money you may have to pay towards accidents and lost wages if your car has a problem that could have been prevented.

Going back to the jeep example, genuine jeep parts and oem jeep parts may have to be specifically requested as they tend to be more expensive. They are typically backed by a warranty, but given the statistics of preventative car maintenance, it is not surprising that oem parts are often not used, in favor of cheaper parts. Genuine oem parts are often not used because mechanics get parts from auto parts retailers and very rarely from dealerships.

Preventative car maintenance is not difficult and could in fact save you money in the long run by lengthening the life of your vehicle. Oem parts and custom projects are more expensive but most indicators are that it is worth it.

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