Stretch limo rental

It’s never been a better time to be out from behind the wheel. The twenty-first century has seen an explosion of ways to travel without the personal need to drive. The limo rental service is a fast growing industry in the United States and the facts have supported it. Between 2009 and 2014, taxi and limousine companies throughout the country grew 3.2% on an annual basis, all while keeping customers safe and freeing the roads from awful traffic. More than 130,000 limousines are in operation across the country and the U.S. taxi and limo service combined employs more than 256,651 people. That’s a lot of space cleared for transit. That’s also a lot of space cleared for driving safety, keeping the commuters safe and the customer safer. The drivers are trained and professional, ready to cope with any weather and roadside conditions. It’s the customer who reaps the benefit of having drivers with years of experience. It’s a guarantee of safety and quality of service. The shuttle service industry, from the iconic New York Taxi all the to limo service in Fresno, is dedicated to trust and safe transportation. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be any fun on the road.

Rock N’ Roll To Go

While approximately 50% of limousine service is for business and corporate customers during the week, many of these companies also provide specialized services for more social occasions. Some offer a stretch limo rental service, a classy and classic way to travel with to any nightlife destination. Enter the party bus, a unique way to start the celebration before the celebration begins. The party bus is an affordable option for all sorts of gatherings. Wedding Receptions. Birthdays. Bachelor or bachelorette parties. These rolling good times will set the right tone for the party later on, keeping friends together long before and after the party ends. Amenities typically include full bars, plenty of seating and room to dance. Tinted or shaded windows keep the party private while in motion. Accented lights and surround speakers set the mood on high for a wild night.

Every Party, Every Life

The party bus is great for after dark but the shuttle industry covers all manner of lifestyle and clientele. In the U.S., stretch limousines are the second most requested vehicle for business clients. Standard limousines and buses serve families in all capacities, from airport service to school transportation. Vacation is more fun without having to spend all that money on parking after all. Double that for gas. Shuttle companies save businesses and families money so that money can be spent on what really matters. On the road, in the office, at home or abroad, the transportation industry is vital to helping America grow and keeping it on its feet. Or off its feet.

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