Used kia rio los angeles

The world of the automobile has been one dominated by the American companies first, followed by the European makers and the Japanese. But Korea has come on the scene in recent years to really up the stakes.

For years, car companies have been competing for the ability to boast that their cars can spend more time on the road and less time in the shop. Taking care of your car should be a priority, but it shouldn’t consume your life. The 3,000 mile barrier has been the watermark for oil changes for quite a while. When you see that you’ve traveled 3,000 miles, you know you should head in for an oil change.

However, in recent years, the changes that have been made in motor oils has extended that number out by a couple thousand miles. Cars that have been able to develop engines that can run on this newer oil have been able to capitalize on these new developments, bringing them new customers who have been looking for more value for their buck.

You won’t have to go very far in your area to find a car company making great strides in putting out affordable, well made vehicles. Look in at any Kia dealership and you’ll find quality cars made with solid craftsmanship. Even certified used Kias offer tremendous value for a buyer needing to watch a budget. But no matter the value, a car is always going to need maintenance work.

Brakes, for example, are going to need replacing at some point. Brakes usually last between 25,000 and 50,000 miles. Obviously if you drive more often, a brake job will come up sooner rather than later. Likewise, tire alignment is something every car owner needs to be mindful of during the course of the life of their car. Usually, 6,000 miles is about the time you should have your alignment checked. Also, having the tires rotated can make them last longer. You can have these repairs done at a dealership or at a mechanic of your choice. Just make sure the person working on you car knows the insides and out of your make and model.

In 1986, Kia, a Korean car maker, launched into the playing field of car making, where many other more experienced auto makers had already paved the way. They produced 26 cars in their first year, appearing to not have much to offer.
By the following year, the produced over 95,000 new cars and began their rise. From 2009 to the year 2013, Kia’s assets grew by more than 43 billion dollars. Kia is the car company built by the ambition to produce quality automobiles for prices that look attractive at the dealership and well after you’ve driven away.

Everyone wants a quality car, one that makes maintenance simpler and reliability a promised virtue. Kia delivers from the factory floor to the dealership.

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