Driving is an essential come-of-age activity among teens in the U.S. In a country where driving is allowed as early as 14 years old, teens often want this freedom as early as possible. However, this can be problematic as vehicular crashes are the most common reason for fatalities in the country. This article will cover some leading reasons teens experience vehicular crashes more than adults and ways to teach safe driving practices to your child.

Teens And Vehicular Crashes

Statistics have found that teens are three times more likely to experience a fatal vehicular crash than those 20 years old and above. This is a startling statistic as there are millions of teens on the road today, unknowingly making their way to various locations in the country in their cars. The rate of fatal crashes among teens is also more likely to happen if they have the reasons below.

Distracted Driving

It’s undeniable that distracted driving is dangerous. It has recently claimed about 3,522 lives in 2021, and this number will continue to rise if no one is aware of such fatalities. There are a couple of reasons why teenagers participate in such reckless driving.

The first reason is that they are not informed. Teens tend to be overconfident on the road, which can be a disaster if they use their phones while driving. Another reason is that teenagers tend to have lower attention spans than adults. This can lead to teenagers seeking other activities when they’re too used to driving.

Distracted driving is a problematic behavior that can lead to devastating consequences. A second not concentrating on the road can lead to a lifetime of regret for most drivers. If teens aren’t made aware of safe driving practices, they can be part of the growing statistics in vehicular accidents.


Speeding is another common cause of vehicular accidents, not only among teenagers but also among adults. However, unlike distracted driving, speeding can be a product of some infrastructural problems within the state, so it is by choice. Currently, speed limits can be quite hard to enforce. One reason is that police officers are often spread thin in every state, and enforcing speed limits is frequently not part of the priorities of a police department. It can also be a monotonous task for the officer doing the job, which can lead to inefficiencies while on the job.

But it’s important to know that speeding can be a teenager’s choice. Growing up, they tend to show off to their fellow peers what they can do. Driving fast can be attractive among peers, especially those who want to attract others’ attention. This need to be praised can be a huge problem among teenagers, and it can be one of the reasons why they participate in such risky driving behaviors.

Speeding is a problem in the country, and it can be hard to enforce, considering the limited manpower of every state. Teenagers can also do it because they want to attract attention from their peers. If teens continue to speed, vehicular accidents will gradually increase over time.

Driving Inexperience

The foundations of safe driving are often rooted in inexperience. No one can deny that those with more driving experience are often the ones who drive safely. The lack of inexperience in driving is connected to the low age limit for driving in the country. This can both be a boon and a curse regarding driver inexperience.

The low age restriction for driving in the country can be a boon because the earlier a driver can start, the faster they can learn the principles of safe driving. But this can also be a curse because these drivers don’t often have the mental faculties to learn how to drive safely. They tend to be impatient and impulsive on the road, which can be devastating when one is still learning to drive.

Driving inexperience is one of the reasons why teenagers get into vehicular accidents. But it’s also one of the hardest to handle as it is connected to the country’s openness to teenagers. If left unattended, it can be a huge source of concern among parents who have their teenagers driving on the road.

Common Tips to Teach Your Child About Safe Driving

Safe driving must be taught, especially by responsible parents who don’t want their children to be a statistic. Thankfully, there are many tips you can teach your child about driving safely on the road. Here are those essential tips.

Seatbelt First

Seatbelts save lives. This is a mantra that you have to teach your children. Yes, they can be quite uncomfortable, but they are a serious lifesaver, especially during car accidents. It’s estimated that wearing a seatbelt reduces front-seat fatalities from crashes by a staggering 45%. This tip alone drastically reduces the statistics of fatal crashes by a huge margin.

Two Hands on the Wheels

The next thing you need to teach them is always having two hands on the wheels. Two hands can allow effective defensive driving maneuvers on the road. There’s a reason why steering wheels are shaped like that, and that is because it uses the driver’s hands to drive it the right way. If your teen has a bad habit of using only one hand on the wheel, it’s good to reprimand them occasionally. It’s also good to show them proper driving and invest in some grip tapes on your steering wheel when possible.

Practice Defensive Driving

Trust is a fundamental aspect of driving. But when it comes to driving, you should only trust yourself and no one else. Defensive driving is all about assuming that everyone else is driving recklessly, and you should be one of them doing your best to drive safely. It’s important to teach your child to be always cautious on the road and practice mindful and safe driving whenever possible.

Ways You Can Teach Your Child About Safe Driving

Of course, teenagers aren’t naturally inclined to learn from their parents, as much as we don’t want to admit it. It’s important that you learn a few ways to teach them about the tips above without being too overbearing. Here are some of those ways.

Do Start Slow

When it comes to teaching your teen tips on how to drive, it’s essential that you do it slowly. Start by finding an empty parking space and just letting them slowly drive and immerse themselves in the activity. Then, you start integrating the tips for safe driving slowly. It’s vital to never overwhelm them, especially if they are learning at a snail’s pace. This way, they can retain the information more efficiently.

Lead By Example

As parents, you should always aim to lead by example. If you’re a reckless driver and teach your child how to drive safely, they are less likely to follow your tips. Why should they? If you lead, for example, you bring yourself the idea that you know what you’re doing and are accountable for your actions. Once they see this they are likely to follow your tips in no time.

Be Patient

Lastly, you must always be patient. Patience will always be the leading virtue when teaching someone to drive, and without this virtue, your teen will never learn the essential tips of safe driving. Patience is important, so learn how to breathe in and breathe out whenever you feel frustrated. The less you show them your frustration, the more likely they won’t be pressured to learn your lessons. By doing this, they are more likely to retain the necessary information they need to drive safely.

Extra Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe on The Road

When it comes to driving safely, it’s never enough to teach your children how to drive safely. Sometimes, it’s important to have plan B in mind. This plan B comes in the form of knowing legal professionals and keeping your car up to date. These two tips will add an extra layer of protection for your children against vehicular accidents while also preparing for the worst.

Know Legal Professionals

Legal professionals are the first thing you need to consider if you need extra safety on the road for your teen. Legal professionals are their before and after the worst could happen. Here are some legal professionals that you need to know.

Injury Lawyers

Injuries are common during car accidents, and you must get your bases covered when it comes to future accidents. That’s why hiring injury lawyers can help you drastically. Personal injury lawyers can help cover any injury your teen may have during the accident. Furthermore, accident injury lawyers can ensure you can get the necessary claims for them when the accident happens. Accident attorneys are a must when your teen is on the road, and it’s vital that you know one to ensure that your teen’s safe driving is reinforced. Call a personal injury lawyer.

Always Keep Your Car Up to Date

The way your car functions can make a difference for your teen. Malfunctions can be a reason for vehicular accidents and this can’t be improved by driving safely. The only way you can ensure malfunctions won’t be the cause of your teen’s vehicular accident then it’s important that you keep your car up to date. Here are ways to do that.

Engine Checks

Your car’s engine is essential for your vehicle to function properly. However, the engine can be affected by wear and tear. A problematic engine can cause stalling in cars, which can then lead to accidents on the road. A local auto repair can help ensure your engine stays healthy for years and avoid stalling on the road. The next thing you need to consider is oil changes. Oil can turn to sludge over time, especially if you don’t get frequent oil changes. Sludge can damage your engine, aside from vibration. Car oil changes can make a huge difference in your car’s performance and it can improve its health over time. By changing the oil in your vehicle, you can ensure that your engine is well-lubricated and ready for long drives.

Auto Detailing

How your car is detailed can make a difference in the way your car functions on the road. A dirty car can often lead to faster depreciation among car-owners and a depreciated car can be more vulnerable to vehicular accidents. The first thing you must consider when it comes to auto detailing is paint protection.

A paint protection company can apply the necessary coating on your car to ensure that its paint stays safe from dirt and projectiles on the road that can lead to scratches. However, if you have scratches on your vehicle, you must hire auto body repair shops to fix them immediately. Scratches can expose the internal coating of your car. If you don’t get it repaired, internal damage can develop over time.

You should also consider tinting your car’s windshield to keep your teen safe on the road. The sun’s glare on the road might not be one of the leading reasons for car crashes, but it can certainly cause it. An auto tinting service can do this job for you. They can help you choose the right tint for your teen so they’re comfortable with the vision they get from the windshield.

Car Collision Repair

Lastly, if the worst happens, it’s important to know auto repair services to help you. If your teen gets into a collision and they’re fine, it’s vital that you turn your attention to the car. First, a local auto repair can check your vehicle’s engine to see if it’s functioning properly. Next, an auto body collision repair shop can check other parts of your car and repair any damage caused by the collision. They can ensure that your car is ready for your use after the collision.

Car accidents among teenagers are a parent’s worst nightmare. At a young age, they can experience such accidents, but as a responsible parent, you can teach your child how to drive safely. Additionally, by being patient and teaching them the tips slowly, you can ensure that whatever you teach them can be retained. By being a responsible patient, you can ensure that your teen is safe from any harm on the road.

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