Do you live in Wilmington, North Carolina? Are you planning your first car show? Watch the YouTube video “Planning a car show: How hard can it be.” It’s not as straightforward as you might think. An event of this size requires a lot of planning! If you miss even one small detail, then you’re event might not be as amazing as you wish.

Get Yourself Organized

It’ll feel like you need to do a million things. This type of event has to be planned months in advance.

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It certainly isn’t something you can throw together the night before. The venue is a top priority. It should be easily accessible for all guests. It should be large enough to cater to your event, the attendees, and the entrants. In addition, it should have the right facilities. For the most part, a car show will be held outside. It’s often the case that there aren’t any restrooms available. You can always hire portable toilets.

Many suppliers make this process fast and efficient. Most of your planning shouldn’t be focused on lavatories. That’s why it’s important to outsource this entire function to a capable company. You can look up a porta potty rental in Wilmington, NC. Suppliers will meet you at your event and set up your waste management system. It’s quick and convenient. It leaves you to focus on the more important features of your event, like marketing.


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