Are you a golf enthusiast or someone who loves to cruise around your neighborhood? Then you must look into investing in a golf cart; there’s nothing as fantastic. Besides being extremely convenient, golf carts are also versatile and eco-friendly; this makes them an excellent alternative to regular cars or other transportation modes. Consider looking into golf cart services in your area or online to search for a suitable model. You can also contact the same service later for spare parts or repairs.

As a golf cart owner, it would be best to keep information handy about repairs, mechanics, or towing. Search for ‘golf car mechanic near me’ or ‘mobile golf cart repairs near me’ to ensure you’ll have someone to fix your ride should you face any problems. And if you find yourself stuck on a road or in the middle of a golf cart path with a vehicle that won’t start, consider looking for a golf cart towing service. While you won’t have to get your golf cart regularly serviced, like a car, you’ll have to ensure you do what’s needed to preserve the life of your golf cart’s engine. Search for ‘golf cart tune up near me’ to help.

Most importantly, before you purchase a golf cart, here are a few things to remember to get the most out of your investment.

There are a few different choices when it comes to golf carts and a golf cart dealer isn’t always going to be 100% honest with you. Having an idea of what you want before going in to look at carts is a good idea so that you know if you are being given misinformation. Your first decision will be whether you want a brand new cart or a pre owned golf cart. Refurbished golf carts are just as great as new ones and you can still buy one from a golf cart dealer, much like a used car. Here’s a few things you should know before stepping in to a golf cart dealership.

  1. Refurbishment
    Some golf cart dealers will sell the cart exactly how they receive it but some will refurbish it before putting it out on the shelf. This makes a difference to the condition of course, but it also will change the price considerably. If you think a refurbished cart is a little high in price, ask the seller to detail the work that was done to it. Take a look at the condition yourself and make sure that there is no rust or wear. Most dealers will allow you to check it for a test drive to check on how it operates.
  1. Age
    The age of the cart matters because at certain points in a golf cart’s life, things will need to be replaced. Replacements for newer carts are easier to find but older models may make it difficult to find the correct parts. Older carts are also a little harder to find someone who knows how to fix them properly. However, some older models are made more efficiently and if they have been refurbished you won’t have to worry about the older parts getting in the way.
  1. Features
    You should know what features you want, before walking in to buy the cart. Carts can feature everything from storage, to enclosures and accessories to sound systems; it just depends on what you want to get out of your cart. If you are using the cart on a golf course, you would need different features than if it is being used for security in a hotel complex or simply to travel around a gated community. Each need will require different features, so know what it is you need first.
  1. Power
    There are a few different power supply methods among carts such as gas powered or electric. Gas powered can be nice but you have to make sure there is always going to be a gas supply near by as the tanks are fairly small. Electric models need rechargeable batteries that aren’t going to burn out the first time you drive it. You should always confirm the age of the battery also so you know if you will be needing to replace it any time soon.
  1. Price
    This one is fairly obvious but this is where the dealer can get you. If you don’t have a firm number in mind, they will work you until you raise your price. After you have researched the type of cart that you need, do a little research on how much that type of cart should run you and then set in your mind the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. However, don’t give the dealer your final number, give them a smaller amount and see what they can find for you, in case there are things that need to be fixed on the cart.
  1. Manufacturer
    Buying from a known brand might be easier when it comes to having to buy replacement parts. Unknown manufacturers make repairs more difficult than if you bought the cart from a name you recognize. Many times the big names will actually send you replacement parts for free depending on how it broke.
  1. Warranty
    Also check if the cart has warranty. New carts usually do but a pre owned cart may have a very limited warranty if any at all because the cart may be on its last wheels for lack of a better term.

Keep these tips in mind and you should do just fine in purchasing your golf cart. Just don’t let anyone convince you to make a deal you do not feel comfortable making.

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