Getting a dent in your car can be irritating. It can also lead to rusting and costly repair bills. So it is important that you do a small dent repair as soon as you can. Otherwise, you risk these increased problems. Automotive dent removal is offered at many auto body shops, so you’ll likely have a choice of whom to work with. Before you hire someone, call a few places to ask if they offer auto-ding repair. If they do, try to get a quote over the phone. If you get several auto body ding repair quotes, you’ll be able to compare prices and potentially save some money.

While you might be able to remove a dent yourself, auto body repair dent removal is your safest option. The employees there will have equipment and experience that you don’t have. They can also guarantee their work, meaning if something goes wrong after, they can fix it. If you do the work yourself, you might save money. But you might also end up on the hook for even more costs later on.

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Maybe you made the mistake of leaving your car out in a hail storm. Or maybe you pulled too far into a parking spot and hit the curb. It’s okay to admit that you swung open your car door and bumped the vehicle parked next to you; nobody is judging you. You may receive some disparaging looks, however, if you drive around for the next month with a nasty dent in your car door. Statistics indicate that at least half of all car dents are not the result of poor driving. Whether the incident was your fault or not, the reality is that the average car dent takes only 10 to 15 minutes to remove.

Dent removal, as a practice, is becoming easier and faster. Dent rods are used by paintless dent removal technicians to fix damage anywhere between the size of a dime to three inches in diameter. Knowing the most common causes of car dents and dings can help to prevent you from harming your car and your ego, and spare you a trip to a car dent repair shop.

4 Most Common Causes of Dents and Dings

  1. Car Doors – Are parking lots actually getting smaller? Doesn’t it seem like you’re parked way too close to the car next to you? We often find ourselves packed like sardines, which is why opening your car door slowly is extremely important. You may be excited to get to where you’re going, but you still have to pay close attention, even when you’re no longer driving.
  2. Hail Storms – If you live in Colorado, Wyoming, or Nebraska, hail is inevitable. Other parts of the country will receive hail storms from time to time, as well, so make sure you’re prepared. Like a child on a bike, your car would benefit from wearing some sort of protective gear. Fortunately, you can purchase a car cover, which range in price from $50 to $500.
  3. Rogue Shopping Carts – Supermarket parking lots can be a dangerous place for your vehicle. When customers fail to return their shopping carts to the designated area, the abandoned carts tend to roll wherever they please, bumping into parked cars.
  4. Sports, kids, and too much fun – Try not to limit your fun too much, but do keep an eye on where you’re aiming that baseball or Frisbee. Park your car far enough away from a highly trafficked recreational area.

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