Vehicle wraps fort worth

How many people aren?t looking for innovative ways to advertise their business? Luckily, there?s more than a couple creative methods out there that will help you push through the marketing noise. Most small business put 2 to 12% of their sales toward advertising and marketing, but if nothing comes out of this it can feel like money thrown down the drain. Here are four unique ways to advertise your local business that will get people talking — or at least get them checking out your business!

Urban Art

If it works for your business, why not advertise with graffiti? Legally, of course. This can range from paying a well-known artist to spray paint a unique image on your wall that will get people to stop, or it could mean something more simple — why not even try chalking up the sidewalk? Invest in high quality chalks that capture the eye (and don?t rub off right away!) and get to work!

Truck Wraps

If your company uses a vehicle for transport, truck wraps can be a great investment. Not only do they serve as a constant, in-motion advertisement for your company, but car wraps can also help to protect the surface of your car! How many times have you craned your neck in order to see what, exactly, was printed on the side of a car? Vehicle wraps can also help with branding — a caterer that shows up in a truck with their logo and images on it, is going to look more professional than the one showing up with a nondescript mini-van.

Purchase Word of Mouth

It may sound a little silly, but it can work for certain types of businesses — think coffee shops and sandwich shops in high traffic areas. Just have someone willing to chat up strangers and encourage them to try out their ?favorite coffee shop on the corner!? If this doesn?t seem up your alley, consider paying local bloggers to review your location. They can help to make your store feel like a ?destination? for people, which is an important part of creating a strong brand.

Publicity Stunts

Could a publicity stunt work for your business? If you’re clever about it, you certainly can. Think of an innovative way to capture current trendy topics and make them work for you. Just make sure it fits with the general branding of your company!

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