Hybrid batteries

Have you ever wondered what kind of battery hybrid cars use? Hybrid vehicles have been around for more than a decade at this point, and they are a popular choice of vehicle, but most people know very little about the technology that makes them so unique. Here are the key differences between hybrid batteries, and gas powered vehicle batteries. It is important to know the differences should you ever encounter problems with your battery.

Batteries in Gas Powered Vehicles

Your traditional, gas powered vehicle only has one battery, and it uses a technology that has been around for the past century. To get it replaced, it might cost between $50 and $100. These batteries recharge while the car is running. Inside the plastic battery case is a lead-acid battery, where plates of lead are suspended in water and sulfuric acid. Electrons flow between the lead plates, creating electrolytes, and producing electricity.

Hybrid Car Batteries

There are actually two batteries in a hybrid car.

  • The first is the battery hybrid cars use to start up. This is not unlike a normal battery in a gas powered car.
  • The second is the battery hybrid cars use to run. This hybrid battery is large, complex, and very different from the standard battery.

Here we will be discussing the second battery. The technology used in hybrid batteries varies, as most manufacturers are still looking for better solutions. In the meantime, the batteries that power the vehicle are usually constructed out of lithium, and either cobalt or nickel. In contrast to gas-powered vehicles, hybrid batteries recharge when the vehicle slows down, either by braking, or coasting. The hybrid stores a portion of the energy produced during that process back into the battery.

Naturally, hybrids are between 20% and 35% more efficient than gas-powered vehicles. This is due to that special battery which conserves gasoline while reducing harmful emissions. However, when this specialized battery dies, it might cost between $3,000 and $4,000 to replace. Fortunately, if you find that your Civic hybrid battery doesn’t have the same kick that it used to, there are aftermarket battery solutions that are affordable, and powerful replacements.

The hybrid battery is a great technological advancement, but it has some way to go. Hybrid manufacturers are searching for ways to make the batteries more powerful while keeping them safe, and enhancing their lifespan. In the meantime, if you want to upgrade the battery in your hybrid, you will have to look to the innovations provided from third-party manufacturers. If you own a hybrid, then it’s important to know the material, cost, and technological differences between your hybrid batteries and traditional vehicles so that you can be prepared should there ever be a malfunction.

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