Part of keeping a vehicle in good working condition is taking it into an auto body shop for regular maintenance inspections. At this time, small or more significant repairs can also be addressed. According to a recent survey, however, approximately 77% of the cars being examined needed some level of maintenance or repairs.

Causes of Auto Body Damage

Auto body damage can be caused by a variety of situations. In addition to adverse weather conditions, negligence, fender benders, and high-speed collisions also cause different levels of vehicle damage. In 2014, for instance, there were almost two million rear-end collisions. While these types of accidents don’t always result in serious damage to either vehicle, 72% of car crashes do cause some type of property damage.

When Glass Repair Is Needed

Even the highest quality glass can break, crack, or shatter under specific conditions, such as hail storms or collisions. When windshields break, for instance, these are categorized into different types:

  • Surface pit
  • Combination break
  • Half moon
  • Bullseye
  • Crack
  • Star breaks

If a windshield is impacted by stones or large chunks of hail, for example, 90% of these will never crack further. This type of windshield damage is also referred to as floater cracks. Windshield repairs and replacements are needed when cracks become seven to 12 inches long. This is also referred to as a long crack, and the reason why 53% of windshields need to be either repaired or replaced.

Getting a Car Fixed at a Reputable Auto Body Shop

If your car needs work due to being in a collision, sustaining hail damage, or an expanding window crack, it’s important to take it to a reputable shop with experienced personnel. When your vehicle has sustained damage, painting a car is a good idea after all of the necessary repairs have been made. Over time, inclement weather conditions, small scratches, and other minor issues can affect a car’s overall appearance. At this point, you may have already decided that it’s time to get a new paint job. Painting a car, along with a few other updates, can greatly improve its appearance and the way you feel when you’re driving it down the road.

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