Your car is an important thing, one that is absolutely essential for many people all throughout the country. After all, in places where there is no extensive system of public transportation and everything is not within walking distance, it is more likely than not that most people will rely on a car as their primary form of transportation. Caring for this car will be essential and keeping it in good shape will not only prolong its overall life span, but will actually increase your enjoyment of it as well. After all, the average person spends up to eighty seven minutes a day in their car as part of their commute and the other day to day errands of life. When you’re spending that much time in a vehicle, it’s important that the interior of your vehicle be as comfortable and as conducive to your health as is possible.

Keeping the interior of your car as clean as you possibly can is one such important way in which you can do this. We all know that it’s important to keep your home clean and as sanitary as everyday life allows, but the same thing is true about your car, which can harbor up to seventeen thousand bacteria – and that’s only in a car of average cleanliness. If you have children or pets who ride with you on a frequent basis, this number of bacteria is likely to be even higher, especially if you also eat in your car, as up to seventy percent of all car owners do. This means that the interior of your car is likely to be much dirtier than the interior of your home. Fortunately, there are ways that you can work to keep the interior of your car clean. Protecting your car carpet is one such way. While a custom replacement carpet will eventually become necessary in every car, you can avoid getting a custom replacement carpet and the costs that are associated with the typical custom replacement carpet by simply getting a rubber floor mat to cover your car flooring like the nylon car carpet or even your new custom replacement carpet when you do end up getting it after your old floor carpet becomes worn out and in need of the custom replacement carpet. Such a floor mat can help to protect your car from becoming embedded with germs, as the typical rubber floor mat is easy to take out and easy to clean in the way that carpet, even a custom replacement carpet, of all kinds will not be. This will be especially important for your truck space, an area that typically holds your perishable foods and other such groceries – as well as up to eight hundred and fifty bacteria. Keeping your new custom replacement carpet in your trunk clean can help to keep your family safe and healthy.

Aside from needing to get a custom replacement car carpet, it is also important for car drivers to reduce pollution inside the vehicle as much as possible. While we all know about the detrimental effects of pollution on our planet and the outside world, too few are aware of how present pollution is in our confined spaces, such as inside of our homes and in the interiors of our cars. In fact, it is estimated that the pollution levels inside the typical car are up to two times higher than the pollution levels of breezes over any given freeway. And sometimes these interior pollution levels can skyrocket to being as much as ten times as high as that of the freeway breezes. But it’s important to note that even small changes can be hugely beneficial. For instance, simply avoiding driving behind diesel trucks and cars and sticking to the carpool lane can improve your air quality inside your car by as much as fifty percent, a considerable amount if there ever was one.

Keeping your car clean is an important thing, there is absolutely no doubt about it. From reducing bacteria to pollution, it’s hugely beneficial here in the United States.

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